I don't belong to early vocations, but I developed a series of artistic results in a period relatively late of my life. However, since I was a child, after school and my homework, I used to spend my free time at the workshop of my family: The LANGUZZI's, skilled ebonists especially for carving since The Seventeenth Century. Actually, as a boy,I didn't apply myself as I should have, but I was very curious. I was interested in the carvings, reliefs and artistic furniture made in the workshop. I am sure that the learning process in the field of art follows unconscious tracts that can be very little descriptive, even the person involved is not aware of what the soul is maturing.

I more or less continued the family tradition by carving wooden figurines etc. until 1990, when during the Festival of Young Sculptors of Carrara in Grugliasco, Turin, Italy, I met Luciano PRETI,  Professor of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. The meeting with Prof. PRETI has changed not only the raw material of my sculptures, but also my entire artistic career which took pole of reference at The Academy of Florence, Italy. In addition to the constant advice, I also owe Prof. PRETI the supply possibility of statuary marble, raw material more and more difficult to find, not so much for the shortage of the veins, but for the competition from Chinese and Indian buyers willing to pay considerable amounts of money, prohibitive for Italian artists.

I perceive the statuary marble from Carrara as the culmination of the power of matter and despite the cold, the rain and the tons of dust more or less subtle that I inhale with considerable frequency, the response obtained repay me for all the sacrifices.

Now, let the marble speak !...


l' artista all' opera