This work was the third of the series in marble.I wanted to deal with a classic theme for a sculptor, playing in high relief the Pietà of the Great Artist. L 'idea came to me because in that year the school of sculpture Carrara Pietro Tacca had made, with the system Canova points for carry out the perfect copy of Pietà existing in San Pietro with marble Bianco P similar to that used by Michelangelo in the years 1497-1499.

I run, as always a clay model 1: 2, I have then passed to the impression in marble. The marble slab rosewood, weighing 5 tons, has maintained full promises. This type of marble incorporates small quartz particles that act as reflectors, and make it particularly suitable to the high / low relief. In sculpture, even more than in painting, lighting becomes crucial to capture the lines and shapes etched in stone, that in itself is not very reflective material.

As you know, the relief is a mixture of sculpture and drawing, which if fully illuminated, is even more evocative of the sculpture in the round. If the viewer will turn around the lines and forms determined by the play of light and shadow, in their overlapping and intertwining, allow the hovering of a fantasy interpretation that, without too much effort, it can see the subjects represented start moving.