The title of the last sculpture refers to the celestial constellation Andromeda as a symbol of the Universe, of creation and therefore of the energy it possesses. The marble block weighs over 3 tons, many had advised me to cut it into smaller pieces if only to make the sculptures more easily transportable. However, I did not feel like doing such a thing for a rare feature that sets it apart: The block is the result of a natural detachment from the wall of the mountain. In fact, in the area of the spiral you see a reddish surface that has allowed to trace the gravitational waves that from the center of the spiral invest the body of the princess rescued by Perseus.

Having some scientific training, I tried to upply to the marble modern conceptions about the structure of matter, which means that the ultimate reality is composed of waves and particles in constant motion and unexpectedly appear and disappear once in a trillionth of a second The waves of the sea, the hair of the nymph, and even the curves of her body, which appear and disappear in the waves, want to express the wave undulatory nature and the constant motion of our Universe. What better metaphor for the sea as a continuous movement? Never gratified of lifting, ruffling, breaking and foaming of the waves, the sea engraved in the marble preserves intact the evocative power of the movement to give dynamic life to the inert and cold stone.

Reviewing some ancient notions I seemed to find out even in mathematical formulas an admirable aesthetic aspect. In fact, I would like to impress on the front of the marble block the equation of ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES DESCRIPTION by MAXWELL . I am convinced that also the mathematical symbols can have their own artistic declination starting with the symbol of partial derivatives. Then, let's leave to the viewer the interpretation of this abstract figurative.