The Workshop


In this section of "Workshop" you can see the shed "Arte Marmi" where the works of sculpture were produced. In the second section you can admire some works of sculptors Pasquale Volpicelli, Paolo D'Elia and Nicola Mangino. In the third and final section, the photographs shown the tools and various equipment I used to sculpt. In particular, the electric hammer, Carrarese invention, features a three-phase asynchronous motor with a flexible arm on which are mounted tools ranging from chisels, chisels of all levels. This technology enhances the arm and hand, nothing detracting to the creativity of the sculptor and its technical capacity. In this section is necessary to reiterate that no one of my sculpture was produced by CNC machines, unfortunately, so popular in this age of incapables (see Maurizio Cattelan and Botero).